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Blush Cake

5 stripes of cheek color ? and each one has 5 tonally correcting colors designed to warm your complexion. Brings your face alive!! Triple milled & micro pulverized for super smooth, delicate and luxurious texture. Maximum silkiness, making the powder look like real skin.

Each Blush Cake is designed to suit different skin tones:
? For Light skin tones ? ?Natural in Nudes?
? For Medium skin tones ? ?Pretty in Pink?
? For Deep skin tones ? ?Warm in Sienna? Application     Ingredients     Related Products    

Blush Cake - Natural in Nudes

Natural in Nudes
velvet mango, creamy-peach, warm nude, tanned rose, glowing bronze

$18.00 Qty Out of Stock  

Blush Cake - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
baby pink, vivid pink, ballerina pink with glitter, salmon pink, berry rose glow

$18.00 Qty Out of Stock